Going to the day spa is an exciting experience for anyone – and when your pooch or kitty is in need of a haircut, a brush out, or just a good ol’ shampoo, our trained staff can attend to all of your dog’s or cat’s grooming needs. Our groomers work with your schedule. If you have a tight turnaround time, let us know in advance and we will do our best to ensure your pet is wash, dried, snipped and clipped before you get back to pick them up. Dogs and cats love coming to Kathy’s because, as you like to be spoiled at your spa, we ensure their time here is full of gentle pampering.

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We offer complete grooming services

  • Experienced, professional groomers that will primp and pamper all breeds of dogs or cats and have them looking like a million bucks.
  • Affordable Prices vary based on breed and services performed.
  • Call for an appointment during our normal business hours – 931-647-0586
  • OR – Book it right now – online!

If you’re in a hurry and just want to get your dog’s or cat’s nails trimmed or a flea treatment, feel free to stop in without an appointment. It’ll just take a few minutes and you will be on your way.

Why Kathy’s? –

  • High-quality results. Our groomers are very experienced and produce beautiful dogs and cats – we don’t accept anything less than high-quality results. If you’re not happy, bring your dog or cat back and we’ll make it right.
  • Friendly groomers. Our groomers are very friendly, easy to work with, and are committed to providing excellent customer service.
  • Fast turnaround. Unlike many grooming shops, we finish working on a dog or cat before moving on to the next. As a result, your dog will typically be ready within three or four hours, not waiting in a cage all day.
  • Free parking. You can pull up right in front of our building to drop off your dog or cat. No parking meters or street parking necessary!
  • High-quality tubs. Kathy’s sports dueling tubs that are designed to provide total comfort, safety, and bathing effectiveness for your dog or cat. Each tub has a raised non-slip floor that keeps your dog’s feet out of the soapy water. The tubs are large enough to handle dogs of all sizes.
  • Shampoo power washer. We don’t just rub soap onto your dog and cat – we powerwash her with an automatic shampoo dispenser. This goes much farther in removing dead skin, dirt, and hair follicles from her coat. In addition, it gives a soothing massage, which comforts the dogs during their bath.
  • Anti-shedding treatment. Not all dogs and cats need to be professionally groomed – maybe yours just needs dead hair removed on a regular basis so he doesn’t shed all over your expensive couch. Kathy’s offers anti-shedding programs that work, including the wee known Furminator.
  • Integration with boarding. Because all of our services are provided under one roof your dog or cat can be bathed and/or groomed during their stay with us.  We can have them looking and smelling their best for you by the time you are ready to pick them up.
  • Credit cards accepted. As with all of our services, Kathy’s gladly accepts credit cards.